Names of boys and girls for 2019 according to the Orthodox calendar

The priests of the Orthodox Church stop the attention of parents on the importance of preserving Russian traditions when choosing a child’s name. Therefore, if there are Orthodox landmarks in the family, then moms and dads take into account the Orthodox calendar and study the names that are presented on the child’s birthday or in the next days.

The names of the girls on the Orthodox calendar for 2019

The names for girls on the Orthodox calendar in 2019 are also quite a lot, so I will present only the most popular ones.


Birthday women of January.

  • Anastasia means "resurrected." Personality strong-willed, keen on work, responsive.
  • Claudia translates to "lame." Has an independent, mysterious and harmonious temper.
  • Dominica interpreted as "the Lord." Homebody who prefers to go about their business away from others.
  • Tatyana means the founder. It has a set of excellent qualities: smart, decent, principled.
  • Maria interpreted as "desired". At its core, multifaceted, reliable and hardworking.


Born in February.

  • Agnia - "innocent." Sociable, friendly, does not tolerate lies.
  • Vasilisa means "queen". Character domineering, noble, cordial. Pretty sociable.
  • Svetlana interpreted as "light". Multifaceted personality. Character combines authority and gentleness, while others value Light for her hospitality.
  • Sofia means "wisdom." Firm and resolute girl who disarms the enemy with one look.
  • Irina means "calm". Eloquent, charming, makes plans and quickly achieves goals.


For those born in March, the following names will do.

  • Marianne has several meanings - "sea" or "bitter grace." Independent and optimistic, does not lose faith in the best.
  • Praskovya - "waiting" or "Friday". Sensitive, soft, kind and cheerful girl who attracts those around.
  • Kira means the sun. Devoted and reliable, loves attention, has many friends among men.
  • Ulyana - "fluffy". Romantic and feminine. Because of the superfluous modesty he cannot fully realize himself.
  • Nika means "winner". Does not interfere in conflicts, has a developed intuition, leadership skills.


April birthday girl.

  • Daria means to have good. It has a great taste, makes an impression at first sight.
  • Taisiya - "wise." Smoothes misunderstandings, does not tolerate intrigue, is constantly evolving and improving.
  • Pelagia means "sea". Eccentric, creative and pragmatic girl.
  • Galina interpreted as calm. Sensibly assesses the situation, has diplomatic qualities, forgives offenders.
  • Marfa means "mistress". Has a good intuition, high intelligence, but because of the sharpness has difficulty in communication.


Go to born in May.

  • Tamara means "fig tree". An ransacking, intelligent person, with a rich inner world and a pure soul.
  • Glafira - "smooth", "beautiful". Her nature endowed with flexibility, patience and wisdom.
  • Elizabeth interpreted as "worshiping God." The girl has a powerful, but at the same time, indulgent and noble character.
  • Zoe means "life." He is friends with everyone, feels people, has an independent opinion.
  • Nina translated as "great-granddaughter". Responsive. Kind, keeps the word, is talented.


June birthday girl.

  • Kristina means "christian". Cheerful, smart, responsive.
  • Dina translated as "constricted." Very charming and showy, has excellent organizational skills.
  • Alexandra means "protector". Fair, knows how to appreciate friendship, it has the "male" character traits.
  • Akulina means "eagle". Purposeful personality, a good housewife, achieves success in a variety of industries.
  • Vera value does not change. Active, courageous, direct, open. Faith has musical abilities.


July girls and their names.

  • Rimma means roman. An enterprising, pleasant in communication, caring wife and mother.
  • Olga translated as "holy." Active, closed, has a strong will, as well as intelligence.
  • Veronica - "bearing victory". Being a materialistic character, she has a good inner sense. Witty, easy to talk to.
  • Valentine means "strong." Kind-hearted, hardworking, able to find compromises.
  • Alevtina interpreted as "strong." She has a complicated character, but still she has many friends.


Birthday women of August.

  • Evgenia - "with good genes." Being hurt, stubborn, rational and economical, Eugene does not like to waste money and time.
  • Anfisa means "flower". Attractive for men who are trying in every way to get her attention.
  • And I - "Violet". It has a sociable, active and strong-willed disposition.
  • Angelina means "angel". Dreamy girl who does not tolerate pressure.
  • Margarita - "Pearl". Tactful, feminine and courageous.


About born in September.

  • Ariadne translated as "immaculate." He has an inquisitive mind, if necessary, he will always help, but he never sinks into other people's affairs and problems with his head.
  • Susanna interpreted as "lily". He has excellent oratorical skills, altruist in essence.
  • Seraphim means "fiery." By nature, the girl is cheerful, dreamy, sociable.
  • Natalia translated as "birth". Creative person with a developed intuition.
  • Raisa - "boss". Realistic in life, which soberly assesses the situation and others.


For those born in October, the following Orthodox names will do.

  • Iraida interpreted as "the hero's daughter". Endowed with responsibility, punctuality, organizational skills.
  • Zinaida in translation means "owned by Zeus". Often interested in someone else's life, which can reflect on for a long time. Sociable, impulsive.
  • Hope - a name that has retained its meaning. Categorical, stubborn, independent.
  • Thekla means "God." Diplomatic and mild, but can be hot-tempered.
  • Euphrosyne translated as "joy." Creative and loving personality.


November birthday girl.

  • Anna means "grace." Responsive, kind and sacrificial girl.
  • Evdokia interpreted as "goodwill." Proud, vulnerable, follows the call of the heart.
  • Aza - "hard". Erudite, active girl, constantly changing their lives.
  • Capitolina comes from the name of the locality. Acts consistently and calmly, which causes respect from others.
  • Neonila - "young." Stubborn, principled, appreciates a feeling of comfort.


Names for girls born in December

  • Marina - "sea". An impulsive and emotional girl who has a lot of fans.
  • Catherine means "clean." Educated and tactful woman with high prestige.
  • Myrrh translated as "fragrant resin." Constantly improving, it seems to others that Mirra is a calculating girl.
  • Victoria - This is victory". The girl has excellent appearance and analytical mind.
  • Varvara means "foreigner". Dreamy, romantic and strong-willed at the same time.

As the church advises to choose names for children

Choose the name of the Orthodox calendar, that is, in memory of the saints, began in the days of Russia. But parents should remember that the name belongs to practical things. From the point of view of Orthodox priests, after baptism, the baby should be brought regularly to the church for communion. Best of all, when godparents do this, because they have assumed such responsibilities. When a child becomes an adult, he will not only take Communion, but already prepare for confession.

The priests strongly support the choice of names according to the calendar, but emphasize that parents should choose a “comfortable” name that will be easy to pronounce, and there is no need to worry about the clergy: they can easily pronounce even the most difficult.

Useful tips

  • If you decide that you will be guided by Orthodox traditions, do not choose one name for worldly life, and another for Christianity. Baptize the crumbs with one name to avoid confusion.
  • It is better to refuse exotic names, since they often do not harmonize with Russian patronymic names and surnames.
  • And one more tip from the priests: cast off superstition. Often parents are afraid to tell others the name by which they baptized the child so that no one can damage it. All this is fiction: a child who is led to the temple and commune is protected from any witchcraft and magic.

When we choose a name for the crumbs in honor of the saint, we read the life of this person, we are interested in Christian exploits, and in the depths of our hearts we wish our child to also live a decent life. But for this, we ourselves must serve as an example and be engaged in raising the children.

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