Universal method of memorization for children and adults

Many are interested in how to remember more information? To accomplish this goal, a mnemonics was invented. The main advantage of this method is to use it under the power of both adults and children. The success of the plan depends on the desire and perseverance. The most important thing is to understand the principles of technology and more often use the skills acquired in practice. This can be done at home, without additional training and buying expensive textbooks.

What is needed

In everyday life, there are situations when a person must remember any important information. It is not always at hand to have paper and a pen or other means for writing notes. In such cases, and win those people who have a well-developed memory. They will not forget the necessary information and reproduce it even after a while.

Know the techniques of mnemonics necessary students of any educational institutions. Those who learn to memorize information quickly will be able to reduce the time spent preparing for classes. Then you will not have to use cheat sheets for quizzes, exams and tests. Such a student will be able to "write off" the material from the pantries of his memory.

  1. First, it is safer. The teacher will not remove the student or student from the control or test.
  2. Secondly, the knowledge obtained through the use of mnemonics is durable. They can be useful for further successful study or mastering a profession.

Teachers and speakers mastering the techniques of technology will provide an opportunity to quickly memorize a large amount of information and broadcast from the podium without looking at the abstracts.

Business people who own mnemotechnics will have no difficulty in quickly recalling all the data about their business partners.

Basic methods and techniques of mnemonics

The human brain thinks in certain ways. If an individual in the imagination builds a chain of images, then such a relationship is permanently retained in memory. A person, remembering one image, will be able to imagine the next one, until he remembers the whole "chain".

To better remember the entire sequence of images, you need to submit them, repeat the information in an hour, and then every three hours.

Reception nameDescriptionExamplesIn what situations it is better to use
ChainThe object is represented in the imagination in any form. Then a few images "communicate" with each other.Need to remember the words: apples, milk, bread, rolled oats. It is necessary to imagine that an apple floats on a loaf of bread in the milky sea and rakes in flakes of hercules.To remember what to buy in the store.
Nesting dollImages of objects must be combined in two. Moreover, the image of the first large and includes the second. Then you should focus on the second image and connect it with the third, etc.We remember the words as in the previous case.
In a pack of milk there is a pack of flakes of rolled oats. And in it - apples. And on the apple is painted a loaf of bread.
Memorizing shopping list.
SymbolizationAny word is depicted as a symbol understandable to man.Snowfall can be depicted in the form of several schematic images of snowflakes, spring - in the form of an icicle, with which drops of water drop.Suitable for remembering foreign words.
Roman roomMentally memorize objects or information to place mentally in a room that is familiar.Imagine that a person stands on the threshold of the room and begins to look clockwise. There is some kind of furniture on the right, it symbolizes one thesis. There is something else further - this is another thesis. And mentally moving through a familiar room, you can remember all the theses.With oral responses or public speaking.
Character encodingWith the help of encoding, all numbers are transformed into a set of letters. A person must independently choose 2 or 3 consonants to each number from 0 to 9. For this purpose it is necessary to use associations. Then, in order to memorize the date, it is necessary to replace all numerical values ​​with selected letters. From the resulting set of consonants, you can make words that at the right time will remind a sequence of numbers.1812 can be recorded as PD Armed Forces GT GT. The phrase that will characterize this date can be: PoD Vsemi PUDut GubiTeli.Suitable for memorizing important historical dates.

Effective exercises for beginners adults

  • We remember the names, middle names, surnames of people. It is necessary to reproduce in the imagination the image that characterizes a person. It is important to connect associations, otherwise it will not work. Volkov, for example, can be imagined with wolf ears. Sorokin - with a tail, like a magpie. Sveta has a lamp that burns above her head. And Rosa has a wreath of flowers on her hair.
  • We memorize poems or prose. For each word of the text, you can pick up an image, and then mentally “shoot” a movie, presenting the characters and their emotions, the objects described in the poem or artwork, sounds, etc.
  • Memorize foreign words. For example, Chinese and Japanese hieroglyphs are very easy to represent in the form of those items that they resemble.

Mnemonics for children

In preschool institutions, visual and graphic images are most often used for memorization.

  • In the role of mnemokvadratov perform simple graphic images that represent words or small sentences. For example, the picture shows a bottle with a nipple. Looking at her, the child should make a proposal about what kind of pet gives milk.
  • Then you can take 3-4 mnemo squares and you get a mimic path. For each graphic image preschooler is one sentence. It turns out a little story.
  • Only then from 6-10 mnemokvadratov need to make mnemotables. According to her, a child can retell a poetic or prose text.

Mnemotechnical techniques are very effective and will be useful in many life situations. To work, you need to constantly train. Mnotekhnika help preserve memory until old age.

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