How to cook zucchini pancakes

Squashes are very healthy, tasty and accessible all year round vegetables. You can make stews, various soups, desserts and use them as a baking dish. Another method of eating zucchini - cooking pancakes.

Calorie content

Vegetables are low in calories and pancakes are the same. One hundred grams of food contains 106-130 calories. Thanks to fiber saturation occurs quickly. The number of calories depends on the selected ingredients. You can change them yourself using various additives.

Calorie zucchini will be 21 kcal, and light zucchini contain 24 kcal and are considered more satisfying because of the slow carbohydrates they contain.

Cook zucchini pancakes in different ways. Use milk or kefir as a base, choose a regular light zucchini or zucchini. Here are some simple recipes that you like.

  1. Classic recipe.
  2. Recipe for pancakes on kefir.
  3. Lenten dish (suitable during Lent).

Classic squash pancakes

This recipe does not require special skills and hassle, thanks to simple components it is easy to prepare. Take four zucchini and the same number of eggs, three tablespoons of vegetable oil, two-thirds cup of milk, flour of consistency and spices to taste. To improve the viscosity, add a hundred grams of sour cream.

Peel zucchini, grate finely and mix with spices. Add salt, pepper, dried paprika or garlic to the dough to taste. Then add the eggs and mix everything thoroughly.

If using sour cream, mix it with milk. Then add the mixture to the zucchini. Flour is poured "by eye" in small portions, until the squash mass begins to resemble a consistency like low-fat sour cream. Then enter the vegetable oil, which will allow in the future each time not to pour it into the pan.

Pancakes are fried on both sides, until golden brown.

Simple squash pancakes on kefir

For the recipe, take a pound of light zucchini or zucchini, a glass of kefir, four eggs, flour, sunflower oil and spices. Finely grate the vegetables and squeeze the juice, add the eggs beaten in advance, kefir and spices, finely chopped greens, which will add flavor and savor to the dish.

Flour is added in small portions until the dough becomes viscous, like liquid sour cream. In the finished mass, add a spoonful of vegetable oil and half a teaspoon of soda, then set aside the dough for twenty to thirty minutes.

Grease the pan only at the beginning of frying. The dish is ready when the color of pancakes on both sides will turn dark golden.

Lenten squash pancakes

To comply with the post cook lean pancakes from zucchini.

The recipe will require a sticky potato that will replace the eggs. A pound of zucchini finely grated, add 100-150 grams of grated potatoes. Squeeze the mass, add half a glass of water and in small portions enter the flour until the dough reaches the consistency of liquid sour cream.

Fry in butter until golden brown. Pour the dough on a hot griddle so that it does not stick and cook quickly.

Video preparation

Useful tips

Pancakes from zucchini - an original and tasty dish. It can be served to the festive table, decorated with fresh vegetables and herbs. It can be independent or combined with meat or fish. Fermented milk products are not excluded. Some advice will help you to achieve success in preparing and serving squash pancakes.

  • Do not leave the dough to infuse, if the juice is not squeezed out of the zucchini, otherwise it will become too liquid, and an excess of flour will adversely affect the taste.
  • If you pour the amount of oil, pancakes will become fat. Observe the balance - add either to the dough, or only to the pan.
  • Mushrooms, cheese and ham are well combined with zucchini.

Follow the simple tips, properly cook recipes for zucchini pancakes, invent and add your ideas. The process will not be boring and as a result you will receive a gentle, healthy and tasty treat for the whole family.

Watch the video: How To Make Easy Zucchini Fritters - Must Try Recipe (January 2020).

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